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Okay, maybe someone noticed, but I don't spend much time here [commenting/replying], it's some motherfucking hiatus again.
School got hella tougher than it was last term. These many assignments make me not sleep/east enough, which makes me being constantly 'sick'. Which is not nice, but it's a price I gotta pay, I think.

But you know what, fuck it. I am gonna stick in that school as long as I can. And I am gonna try to pass this term as well. And then possibly the next one. And so on.

That, however, means - less i-net life for me. I'm copying without dA, I'm copying without LJ, as long as I have tumblr [lol].
Can't promise anything, but I'll try to read your journals as they come, not so sure about commenting, tho.

Take care, everyone.


Just felt like sharing.

For the last few days, I had this repeating dream. I never have dreams that repeat.

I am in the class, usually Elasticity or Hydromechanics, and we're all minding our own business, the teacher telling us how to solve the homework, we take notes, no one understands and life goes on. Then someone who is sitting next to me, usually Zdenka, whispers to me that I have something on my face and she's pointing out my ear, so I want to wipe it off with my hand, when we both realize it's blood from my ear; she's looking at my hand with a rather shocked expression, mine thoughts are more like "What the fuck?".

Then I want to blow my nose, because I feel the mucus tensing my nose from the inside. I suddenly see lots of blood on the handkerchief, too. The teacher looks at me and at first I think she's worried about me, hence the amount of my blood on my face, but she's worried about my surroundings and she's like "Oh my god! Go to the toilets and clean yourself." So I stand up and I'm heading to the door with thoughts "Great, just when the explanation of the homework was getting somewhere I needed help with, thanks, blood."

I'm closing the door behind me and I can hear Zdenka almost crying out "Shouldn't someone go with her?!" No one goes, anyways. I'm getting closer to the toilets when I feel some weight on my head; in my head, I am slowing down, leaning against the wall with my shoulder. Then I can hear some high-pitch sounds and I just realize that my head has just exploded. Tissues, blood, gray matter; everywhere.

After 'some struggles' I feel like I'm waking up. "I'm at hospital", I think. I congratulate myself that I survived such an explosion of my own brains, and I feel all better suddenly.

Then I realize I am actually  waking up from that dream. I don't like having repeating dreams, they're so boring and dull. These are especially so. Because as I see the process of things in my dream I know exactly what is going to happen, I even have these inner thoughts "Naah, not again, THIS thing." My own explosion bores me.

These dreams are most probably cause just by the amount of mucus in my head. It's more like... my brain telling me to blow my nose, when I'm asleep, in my opinion.

Naah, this doesn't need a title, does it?

Short and uninformative. As 'always'.

So before everyone will show up with their entries about how bloody awesome Comic Salon was [which I'm not attending, if you didn't know], I wanted to leave some signs of life from me.

First of all, I became a tumbler, I tumble all the time. I just sit at the computer and refresh all my tracked tags, because I'm 'awesome' like that. Therefore I don't spend much time in here, or on deviantArt or anywhere else. Too bad. Or too good, your choice.

Next, I spent one hell of an awesome weekend in Kosice with shel_chan , thanks for the amazing ending of my holidays, hon <3 I loved it. And I hope to get back to you soon.
We watched another bunch of British shows. The Office, Fortysomething, lots of Doctor Who, a movie about Van Gogh: Painted With Words. Watching it was so awesome. Actually it's all I'm doing all days this week, the last days of holidays, I just download stuff and then watch it, just to prove to myself I have no duties, no school to go to, they just don't exist while I'm watching, therefore I'm watching all the time, and then I go to sleep, and eat, occasionally. xD

So, school starts on Monday. Hooray, second year of Environmental Engineering. Whoosh. Do not want. Really. But I think you could have guessed that. My schedule actually looks quite good www.svf.stuba.sk/generate_page.php [this is it, approx].

And well, keeping on writing this bores me as hell, so I just leave it like this and am off to finish watching Key of Marinus [Classic Doctor Who episode].

Things that make me happy ATM

This is going to be "fandom" oriented happy post <3

This summer has been awesome when it comes to fandoms/things worth watching, I tell you!

Sort of image-heavyCollapse )

So good night and watch BBC shows, they are more than worth it!
[They are worth your life....except, not really.]


Temp name: Torchwood High School Faggotry

Last week, me and shel_chan came up with an idea to write a collab fic together. We chose the fandom Torchwood and decided we wanted to set the fic in AU, where all the characters are on the same high school.

So it was up to me to write the first part and... here it is.
The characters belong to BBC/RTD

Also a small word from me as the "writer";
I'm terrible at doing research. I know the school-system in Wales is not the same as the American one, but I don't want to go into details as in what courses are everyone in at the college in Cardiff. Let's say there's high school in Cardiff just like they have in U.S. Or something.

This entry is our "working place", each of us writes one part into the comment section every two weeks [or sooner, if we're lucky].
If you feel like commenting, and letting us know what you liked/disliked, feel free to do so on Shel's entry, here. There are the beta'd parts and it looks a bit neater than this, it's easier to read, xD

Nice Combo!

So... the last night and the whole today [basically] were rather tiring, or also interesting for me.
I finally kicked my own ass (not literally tho) and dug through all the LJ notifications I had stored in the LJ folder in my e-mail.

I read around 150 journals [I did read them all], although I didn't comment on almost any, but some did get to be commented, too.

For example, I learned about what kind of music does synnerxx  and socialholic like through the 30 day music meme they are taking C: I also got to see some cosplay photos. I got to read about a mini family drama, I discussed differences between and American and British versions of one gay series, I read once again about the awesomeness we lived during the two weeks at pumpkinguitar. And many other things of course <3
And I also replied all the comments I had there, too. Well, almost all of them, one comment and one journal are remaining uncommented for now, cause that is gonna take a while xD But I DID remove the majority of that folder. I'm so proud of myself ^^, Too bad I don't even PLAN to keep that folder clear xD I know it's impossible, it really is.

However I plan to get rid of all the messages on dA, too. That is gonna be much more complicated, since I tend to visit that place pretty often and I kept only replies/comments which required some length or some serious thought, I usually responded to the shorter ones instantly. So now I have stored there 100 messages [just replies, I think]. Idk how I am gonna cope with them xD D;
But I have to, some of the oldest ones are almost a year old. And I really want to have empty message box before the holidays end >o<

Another thing about dA, is to actually do something about the one group I moderate withshel_chan , Style-fans. For example we held a contest, Valentine's-Day themed, we still haven't announce the winners or give out prizes. Or... we told our 100th member she can request something from us, that was back in... April maybe if not sooner, now we have 401 members. I know, we're terrible. But Shel does so much more for the group. Yesterday she cleared all the deviations (approved them). I help sometimes, too, tho : >

Also another thing I am planning to do on dA is, to contribute to all the fandom-like groups [I'm in 12 groups altogether]. That shouldn't be a problem, I shall make around 7-8 pictures, but that is more than I made during this whole year. We'll see about this one.

Wish me good luck.


The rats eat better than me.

Again, this is gonna be short (I hope).

We watched another episode of Merlin yesterday night, the first one with Mordred, or whatever his name was. I'm totally looking forward to watch more of that series c: ((Since Doctor Who is on hold until the Christmas special, Merlin is a good replacement as  'the BBC goodie' ))

Hebi brought me a book from States. She asked if we wanted anything special that she could bring us from there. I said Paper Towns by John Green, instantly. Because I was sure I would love it.
I just finished that book. It was awesome. First third; playing pranks and a sort of scavenger-hunt. Second third; investigation in abandoned subvisions/towns, the last third; road trip.
I think the book was wrote to be an adventure. c: I had great fun reading it. Haven't happened to me with a book since Artemis Fowl when I was in sixth grade. (but I haven't read many book inbetween either xD )

I don't even know why I started typing this entry. I'm just killing some time before "I'll have to clean this place" I guess. There is still SO MUCH Shel's stuff everywhere ;A; I really hope we'll be able to move with it somehow once her exams'll be over. She left just today to complete another two subjects. Dude, good luck to her >o<
Oh, and she left Shay here D : like... for the first time she traveled to Kosice without the little zjebek. For now he seems to be fine, just sorta down. He's always like this when Shel's not 'round. He's got really attached to her. Just like me, I think.

Is everywhere on the planet this mind-blowingly HOT WEATHER? D : It's driving me crazy cuz it's almost unbearable even inside this house. Me and Shay sat on the cool stairs to basement like... an hour, I was reading Paper Towns, he was just sleeping there. But it felt good. Well, better than this. xD

Also I'm SUPER HUNGRY, I ate one package of BeBe "crackers", with the flavor of some fruits.... seriously, it smelled like fruit tea and tasted like nothing.

that shall be all for now.

Don't give me more reasons to cry.

This will be short, I promise.

We are back from Czech Republic, the Weekend with Sheltie (that dog breed, not my girlfriend) Shel was there of course, too. With Sheimi. c: And I was there as a filler so she wouldn't be "alone" We took also Cassie, who wasn't such a stupid annoying prick as I expected.
The "Weekend" (which took 4 days) was pretty neat, although I can say, for me, there were as many positive as negative things. Am not going to write about those negatives, don't worry.
Idk, I don't really feel like talking about that much c:
Just that we enjoyed it, I enjoyed all the competitions as a part of the audience, together with Kes.

Another thing;
Our two adorable rats, Sushi and Beruch have babies : D "yeeey" >.> 10 little squeaking beans. >.> They are lovely and all, but I'm afraid most of them will end up as food for snakes. Which IS part of the "circle of life", but still.
However, Shel wants to breed rats with pedigrees later anyways c: That shall be fun xD;;

Tomorrow, we're gonna buy some wires and stuff so my dad can help us build another cage for the rats, since we have only one big enough where is Sushi with the babies now, and we need another one for male(s).
And tomorrow we'll also switch this little terrarium Lucky lives in for the bigger one finally c: So she won't be (hopefully) that claustrophobic.

A few words about world's unfairness;
Yesterday Adko got hit by car. Adko was an young, healthy, gorgeous golden rough collie. He wasn't even 2 years old : < Still sorta  a puppy. I didn't know him at all, never met him or anything, but Shel did, and hearing about someone, who we know, losing a dog is always painful.
I cried even when Darnell died and we weren't connected to the owner at all. Shel had just arranged some meeting with them. We never met him. And now there was Adko, whom Shel knew and her friend Janka with her collie Yashka are/were good friends with the owner of Adko and Adko himself.
I find it .... just unfair. I mean, I know these "little" tragedies happen everyday that a dog gets hit by car, and it doesn't matter if it's a breed dog for shows, or an agility-maniac or just someone's pet or even a stray. It's always sad, I know. But when it affects people I know and love, it affects me as well.
It was the same when I found out Dago died. I don't think I ever met him, but I know Natsu loved him and I know how much he meant to her family, thus it WAS devastating, too.
Or when Shel's aunt's dog Twister got hit by car. I wasn't even friend with Shel back then so I didn't feel it as much, but- it's still unfair. He wasn't even one year old.

This is one of the reasons why I don't want a dog.
It would be too much.

Sorry it got longer than I anticipated.

brb...hiatus... or whatever you call it

I'm sorry for not commenting on your new journals and for not replying back. : <

School's being a bitch.
But as soon as it will be over I'm going to take at least a day for LJ and another one for dA, and I'll get rid of all the lj notifications on my mail. So get ready to be spammed by me XD;;
This spammage will happen AFTER 30th of June. (maybe even later, depends on the exam from geodesy)

Until then, take care and keep doing what you do and do it well <3